Tuesday, 23 September 2008


I have a real passion for benches.... Yeah weird I know... I haven't yet decided what it is about benches that I love, is it the shape, construction or the fact its somewhere you can rest your weary bones! I have to confess that anyone who knows me, knows that if I stumble across an empty bench my hands start to tremble and before you know it, I'm clicking away with my trusty 350d!
These benches are located along the seafront in Herne Bay. If you're sitting here you have a clear view of the Waltrop gardens. Considering it was really busy along the sea front, which was probably due to the fine weather... I was surprised to find this whole row of benches empty! I can confirm I did not evict any tourist or local from these benches in order to get this picture!

Watch out for more photographs of unsuspecting benches =0)

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