Sunday, 16 November 2008

National Coastwatch Institution

Today on my walk around Herne Bay I came upon a building on the sea front that I had not noticed before. Whilst taking photos I was spotted by these two gentlemen and invited up to have a look round.
Each station is responsible for its own funding, providing equipment, maintenance of the building and the training of watchkeepers.
As well as keeping a visual lookout watchkeepers are able to give up to the minute information about local weather conditions before yachtsmen, fishermen etc, leave the harbour.
All staff are volunteers and the National Coastwatch Institution was founded in 1994 after two Cornish fishermen lost their lives below the recently closed coastguard lookout at Bass Point, and a group of local people decided to set it up to restore visual watch along the UK coast.
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It's a shame that they have only until 2010 in their present building as it has been bought by a private buyer, hopefully they will find another building nearby!

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