Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Fire Damage.....

The fire at this house in Herne Bay happened way back in July 2008. Word has it that the fire started after the home owner had been stripping paint from the outside of the house with a blow torch... This is only a local RUMOUR! During the course of his handy DIY, the home owner allegedly stopped for some refreshments, only to be greeted a short while later by a neighbour asking was he aware the roof of his house was on fire! DOH!
As you can see, the damage was colossal, and the roof has been removed totally. Consequently it is necessary to ensure the roof is covered completely to protect the house but to also allow work to continue... or not in this case! I have been told, this type of scaffolding and covering can cost somewhere in the region of £1000 a week! You'd think they'd be chasing the roofers/builders to get the job done! Alternatively, thank goodness for insurance!

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