Sunday, 5 October 2008

Who Would Want To Own The Local Shop!

Two armed men burst into a Herne Bay newsagents and screamed "open the till or we'll kill you".

The chilling threats were aimed at terrified shop owner as he stood behind the counter of Kings Road Stores.

The men, one brandishing a gun and the other a knife, then attempted to smash their way into the till as the shop owner reached for the emergency button.

The attempted robbery happened just after 5.30pm on Tuesday 19Th August 2008. The bungled robbery was the work of two local brothers! They were later apprehended and recently appeared at Canterbury magistrates court, where one was jailed for five years and his brother was sentenced to four years youth custody.


Petrus said...

Sounds like a rough place Herne Bay ..

hannah said...

I think everywhere's a rough place nowadays

babooshka said...

I was looking over the Blog and thinking how similar it was to Ramsey, the Isle of Man my blog. Then I read this story. One reason we moved from the UK to here. This kind of thing. Great image, and well compulsive narrative.

What I shoould have said was welcome to the cdp.

Hyde DP said...

Small shops have a tough time these days and incidents like this make one cringe.